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Participating in the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

> Practical information and documentation for the 2019 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
> Practical information and documentation for past?Annual Shareholders’ Meetings

Participating in the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

All shareholders are called to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, no matter how many shares they own. The Meeting gives shareholders the opportunity to ask Management questions and express their opinion by voting on the resolutions tabled.

To attend, vote by proxy or vote by mail, you need to provide proof of share ownership and request an admission card from:

  • Société Générale Securities Services, for registered shares
  • The bank or broker who manages your securities account, for bearer shares

To attend and vote at the Meeting, holders of bearer shares must file a certificate issued by their bank or broker stating that the shares have been entered in the account at least two?business days before the date of the Meeting.


Receiving notification

  • Rexel publishes a preliminary notice of meeting containing the agenda and draft resolutions at least 35 days before the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in the BALO legal gazette
  • At least 15 days before the Meeting, a final notice of meeting is published in the BALO legal gazette and automatically sent to all registered shareholders. The final notice includes the date, time and place of the Meeting, the agenda, and information on attendance procedures

For more information, you may also:

  • Contact Rexel Investor Relations, at 0800 666 111
  • Go to the Shareholders section of our corporate website. All preliminary notices are posted on the site for access and downloading


Attending the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

For holders of registered shares
You will receive a call to meeting, along with the related documents required by law.

For holders of bearer shares
You will need to ask your bank or broker to produce an attestation of attendance and send it to Société Générale?Securities Services, who will issue you an admission card.

A number of documents are available to all shareholders at Company headquarters before the meeting;

The call to meeting and Registration Document are available at


Voting at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

If you are unable to attend the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in person, you have three options for casting your vote, as described in the convening notice. These include:

  • Voting by?correspondence
  • Appointing the Chairman of the Meeting as your proxy
  • Appointing your spouse or another shareholder as your proxy


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